Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

Accidents do not happen, they are caused. Many organizations have some type of problems that happen over and over again – safety incidents, equipment failures, quality issues or production upsets. They try different “quick fixes & quote; but they just don’t work.

TCB IIRCA is a systematic process for finding the real root cause/s of problems so that you can fix them effectively.

About Course-

TCB IIRCA Training:-

Learn to find and fix root cause/s and develop corrective actions that save lives and prevent injuries. Improve production, maintenance and quality by expertly performing investigations and safeguard assets.
TCB IIRCA course takes into consideration the influence of various management elements, technology interaction of man machine while developing this comprehensive incident investigation and root cause analysis process.

Investigation & Consultation –

TCB Experts to look incident from a holistic approach and lead the investigation to reach the root causes.
Unsafe Condition X Unsafe Act = Accident
Accidents are results of systematic failure of a management system; either there is no barrier installed or barriers have failed. TCB IIRCA training looks at What Went Wrong and Why?

Why wait for an accident to happen for investigation?

Get the TCB experts assist your team to identify the Causal Factors and potential Root causes. There is a huge cost of an accident or a failure, the cost of investigation is an added cost. Use IIRCA to identify potential causes Proactively and prevent an accident from happening .

Course Objective –

  • Terms and Definitions, Near Misses, Incident and Accident
  • Accident Causation Theories.
  • Fault Tree Analysis , Event Tree Analysis,
  • Root Cause/s Mind Map
  • Common Root Causes
  • Management Factors
  •  Training and Competence
  •  Human Factor
  •  Design Factors
  •  Equipment factor
  •  Operational Factors, Procedures and Work Process
  •  Root Cause Analysis Techniques and models
  •  Apply advance Root Cause analysis techniques
  •  Reactive Measures for performance improvements
  •  Proactive audit for Performance improvements
  •  Investigation Process:
  •  Questioning Skill.
  •  Preparation for and leading an investigation and Near Miss and Incident reporting
  •  Practical session of a typical Workshop Exercise.
  •  One Sample Root Cause Analysis Report.

Duration –

TCB Incident Investigation & Root Because Analysis has been designed to be delivered in 24 Hours, which can be presented as 3 full day program or more number of days customized to suite learner’s convenience with shorter duration per day. IACET CEU 2.4 shall be awarded to successful candidates by TCB as an Accredited Provider.

Evaluation and Certification –

TCB Shall monitor the participation of each delegates and evaluation process consist of Quizzes, personal attributes, Analytical approach to investigation process, and group output. Certificate of Proficiency shall be issued to the participants attending the program for entire duration. Number of participants shall ideally be in between 4 to 20 per batch.

Main Features 

  • Root Cause/s Mind Map
  •  Common Root Causes
  •  Management Factors
  •  Training and Competence
  •  Human Factor
  •  Design Factors
  • Root Cause Analysis Techniques and models
  • Apply advance Root Cause analysis techniques
  • Reactive Measures for performance improvements
  • Proactive audit for Performance improvements

What is the target audience?

Operation and Project managers, Safety officers, advisers, Safety Engineers, and Risk Management  Professional and management system auditors.

Our Accreditations-

IACET Accreditation

Course Introduction

OH&S Terms and Definitions
Concept of Hazard
Hazard Identification
Hazard Hunt Assignment
Quiz of Hazards

Concept of Risk

Risk assessment
Determining Controls.
Quiz on Risk
Risk Assessment Workshop -Excavation

Accident and Causes

Human Factor
Equipment Factor
Design Factors
Management Factors
5 Why Method of Incident Investigation
Accident Investigation Case Study

Incident Investigation-Interview

Interview process
Incident Investigation Interview Role Play
Incident Investigation Report Preparation
open quiz

Final Quiz and Evaluation

You can write the final exam once you have attended the full course successfully delivered by your ATP. But you have to write exams within 30 days of training
Will be provided on day 1 by TCB, user ID, and password, The user ID is your email address
Objective type, Multichoice Questions open book exam.
Yes you can if you write exams in English if you are not a Native English speaker -Additionally if you have any physical challenges you can get some reasonable adjustment of time that you have to indicate in TCB registration form
You will get 10 Chances to log in during the time of the exam -You will start from where you left. Answers automatically saved
Yes. But we recommend not taking a break even though you have 10 Mins. You can’t go back and revisit earlier answers if you take a break
No. You will not lose time due to interruptions. A maximum of 10 interruptions are possible. We commend you insure your gorgeous taboo connection good Internet speed and a quiet place for your exam
Yes you can, But have to check organizational restrictions. We recommend you use your own PC, Laptop, Tab, etc., and your personal email ID.
ATPs will issue certificates with results provided by CQI/IRCA.Your Certificate will have unique Learners No issued by CQI/IRCA or Traceability
Provided by TCB upon receiving Exam results from CQI/IRCA which is typically 10 business days. TC shall issue the certificates within a further 1 Week. So you will get your certificate within 3 weeks latest from TCB. You will receive an electronic copy within 3 week. Hard copies Can be collected from the TCB office or couriered at Actual cost, Typically US$ 30
Yes. CQI/IRCA Charges a Course Levy fee which will be part of TCB fees. You pay. For retesting, extra fees of GBP 20 Plus GBP 25 as service charges and international Bank Transfer Charges
Any time within 1 year. Only one retest is allowed!
It remains valid lifelong. if you wish to take auditor registration with CQI/IRCA, the certificate shall be valid for 5 years from the date of the examination
No - you have to take an online exam only. However if you started your training before 7 Nov2022, you can use Paper based questions. Also retesting will be paper-based
There no online Live proctor. CQI/IRCA developed a robust system to conduct Artificial Intelligence powered CBT. The system can detect Plagiarism, Impersonation, and Collusion. The entire record of the examination is maintained by CQI/IRCA . Serious penalties are enforced. The delegates found involved in any malpractices may be barred temporarily or permanently at the discretion of CQI/IRCA
You can use a PC, Laptop, or Tab. No mobile phones are allowed. No camera. You can not take screenshots and /or take any picture using an external camera

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Virtually Live Course
Enrolled: 35 students
Duration: 24 hours
Lectures: 14
Level: Practitioner