Q: QMS Lead Auditor Training in Blended Learning Mode

Ans: TCB has developed Training materials and process for delivery of QMS lead Auditor Training in Blended mode comprising of online /offline Self study with offline support by tutor over 90 days followed by a tutor guided face to face session which is aimed at achieving enabling capabilities of Auditor to perform audit.Tutor guided session comprises of over view of self study and complete workshop over 24 hours including written exam. TCB BL training process in approved by IRCA for conducting the first program to be witnessed by IRCA Reviewing Officer

Q: How TCB’s Blended Learning for QMS Traiining is offered?

Ans: TCB Blended Learning for QMS LA Course is delivered as a self leaning online(offline) for 80 Hours equivalent self study over 3 months period and then followed by a Tutor guided Session over 3 days =24 hours ( or 4 days customized evening course) within next 3 Months.

Q: Is the course Approved by IRCA?

Ans: TCB is an IRCA approved organization (A 17551) with offering IRCA approved QMS A/LA Course ( A 17552). Blended Learning is a variant of IRCA approved QMS A/LA course . TCB documents have been reviewed and approved by IRCA based on desk top review to run the self learning part, The tutor guided face to face session shall be withnessed by IRCA for full approval of the program

Q: Will I get IRCA approved Certificate if we attend this blended course

Ans: IRCA approved certificate shall be issued upon receiving IRCA approval for the Blended course

Q: Is it equivalent to regular (40 Hours) program

Ans: Yes. However the certificate will be different and shall include a statement that the course was delivered in blended mode. It is acceptable as regular certificate for IRCA registration

Q: How can I provide evidence of 80 Hours of study?

Ans: TCB uses sliderocket software for online course delivery where the time spent on each slide can be viewed from the Analytics feature of the software and every time you log in. however you need to maintain record of cell studies in the self-study log sheet and submit to IRCA once self-study is complete along with recorded time. You may take a printout of the slide rocket presentation and study off-line which is acceptable. You have also to review and refer various standards such as ISO 9001:2008. ISO 9004:2009, ISO 9000:2005besides time spent on workshop exercises and online examination. All the time spent for the study purpose is acceptable and is credited as self study time

Q: what if I cannot appear for the written test within 90 days after completing the self-study?

Ans: under special circumstances such as sickness or other justifiable reasons, special consideration may be given based on IRCA’s acceptance. TCB Cert shall endeavour to organize courses every quarter to ensure that student has opportunity to appear for the tutor guided session within 90 days after completion of their self-study.

Q: can I change my study Centre for face to face tutor guided session in case of any personal inconvenience due to unforeseen reasons?

Ans: yes you can reveal face-to-face tutor guided session within next 90 days after your self-study in any TCB programs held anywhere in the world. However the fees for tutor guided session may vary depending on geographical location as cost structure for tutor guided varies from country to country.

Q: what are the documents are received for blended learning programs once registration is confirmed?

Ans: you will receive 12 sections of TCB QMS lead auditor training presentation material and slide rocket format.the latest documents are available in the cloud and can be referred every time the students login using your user ID and password within the defined period of self study time.in addition you will receive self-study log sheets self-study guide and set of standards

Q: Will there be a division on the self-study to clarify doubts during the tutor guided session?

Ans: during the three days tutor guided session there will be an overview of the self study portion of the course material that the students have already completed. The tutor guided session is intended to develop the enabling objectives of auditing by performing the group workshop exercises under the guidance and supervision of the tutoring team.

Q: if I join for a blended learning program and have to eat cheese to TCB can I switch over to a regular tutor guided program?

Ans: yes you can. You may write to TCB for the upcoming training course where you can enroll for the tutor guided program.

Q: How can we get support from TCB tutors during self-study in case needed?

Ans: You can write to the online tutor at tutors@tr-cbl.com for any support and clarification during self-study and can get a response within 24 working hours unless there is a local holiday.

Q: how can I register for a blended learning program ?

Ans: you may send a request to TCB by writing a mail to the training service administrator at tsa@tr-cbl.com or register directly online by paying the fees and full personal details is required. You will get the slide rocket presentation material within 24 working hours.

Q: how can I contact TCB for any urgent clarification to our questions concerning self-study?

Ans: You may write an e-mail to tsa@tr-cbl.com with copy to tutor@tr-cbl.com

Q: When the transition to this standard must be completed?

Ans: ISO has given transition timeline till September 2019 . Till September 2018,  ISO 9001:2008 will remain valid and an organization can continue their certification.

Q: What is the transition requirement of auditors to maintain their certification

Ans: IRCA required attending and completeing an IRCA Approved ISO 9001:2015 transition course presented by an IRCA Approved TO. the duration is 16 hours training followed by an examination to validate learning and developed competence

Q: Do I need to attend an ISO 9001:2015 LA course mandatorily?

Ans: You have two choices.You may attend an IRCA Approved ISO 9001:2015 Auditor/Lead Auditor course. You can also attend an IRCA Approved ISO 9001:2008 Auditor/Lead Auditor course such as the one offered by TCB and complete an IRCA Approved ISO 9001:2015 Transition Auditor course. Both options are eqaually acceptable.

Q: If I am an existing ISO 9001:2008 auditor (Sucessfully completed IRCA Approved course), do I need to attend ISO 9001:2015 auditor/Lead Auditor course

Ans: If your existing certification is within 3 years period, you only need to attend an IRCA Approved  Transion  Auditor course . If your certificate is over 3 years period, IRCA may not accept this for registration any longer. In that case you need to attend a full 40 hours Auditor/Lead Auditor course to seek IRCA registration

Q: What are the services offered by TCB?

Ans: TCB services include training on management system auditing and assessment, Technical Training on Welding and Painting technology , Third party inspection services worldwide and Quality , OH&S and Environmental management system Assessment.

Q: What are the approvals held by TCB?

Ans: TCB management system has been developed in accordance with the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 and has been certified by NQA-UK with UKAs accreditation. The scope of certification includes entire range of TCB services which includes third-party inspection, training services and management system assessment and auditing TCB is approved by IRCA UK (A division of CQI,UK ) as a training organisation offering management system Auditor/Lead Auditor training . Currently there are two courses certified by IRCA . 1.Quality management system Auditor /Lead Auditor Training (A 17552) and 2. OH&S management system Auditor /Lead Auditor Training (A 17704)

Q: What is the accreditation of TCB Cert for management system assessment?

Ans: TCB does not hold accreditation for management system assessment as per ISO 17021as it does not act as a certification body. TCB acts as an organisation employing auditors and has a poll of highly experienced auditor whose services may be available to its clients for independent first party, second party assessment and as well as by the Independent certification bodies for undertaking third-party assessment.

Q: What is acceptance of TCB as an independent third-party inspection company?

Ans: TCB management system for inspection services has been developed in accordance with ISO 17020. TCB is in the process of accreditation from an US based leading accreditation body. TCB service is a recognized by major oil companies such as KOC, and KAFCO. TCB is approved by KPC, Kuwait

Q: Where do I find details about your training ?

Ans: Please select the training in training categories that may be of interest to you. If you are looking for a training not offered by TCB, you may please send us a request-if its feasible , we would be delighted to develop the course meeting your unique requirements

Q: Where do I find myself and our pictures for the training we attended

Ans: TCB posts pictures of major events and courses conducted by TCB or its branches and Affiliates. Click TCB Faces in Facebook page and photo gallery for your Group Pictures.

Q: Where do we get information about the Tutor?

Ans: Please visit TCB Knowledge Factory-Tutors’ Forum

Q: Are you Going to have online Stores or Online Stores?

Ans: We intend to have an online stores for purchase and download of Technical materials, Documents, e-books soon.You may place an order online and get the documents transmitted electronically

Q: Where do I get a course Schedule


Please select a course from drop down menu, e.g (IRCA Approved Courses), under select a course uder Choose Program , you would find the Details About Course, Approval, Prior learning requirement as well as course schedule including price 


Q: Where do I get a course Schedule


Please select a course from drop down menu, e.g (IRCA Approved Courses), under select a course uder Choose Program , you would find the Details About Course, Approval, Prior learning requirement as well as course schedule including price