You need your certifications to demonstrate that you achieved required knowledgeand  skills.Passing the examination with high score is there for so very important. You therefore need to familiarize with the type, pattern, duration, speed at which you need to move and overall basic information to feel absolutely relaxed. Your unfamiliatiy with the process should not adversely affect your examination that woukd be used to measure your competence. You therefore need to practice-a Mock exam is therfore extremely important and valuable

Future is Virtual  and on real time. This brings cost down, convenient and above all-safe .You can write it from the comfort of your home

Take up an Exam on Welding and Inspection, Management System Auditor course

Apply for an exam, you will receive a link for a mock exam. This would be a test for  you to know the score and your  areas of strength and weakness

A final certification examination shall be proctored and invigilated in real-time.  you will need to provide  a photo identity before you can start writing the examination

You will be fully invigilated  and final certification would be set to you automatically once you score desired mark

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