ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor Course (CQI/IRCA)

ISO 45001:2018 Lead auditor course is the ultimate certification for OH&S Management System
Assessors ! Learn how to audit OH&S MS against ISO 45001:2018 standards in accordance with ISO 19011:2018. Now Available Fully online-Virtually Live Get Trained Virtually -Write Exam online  !
Upon sucessful completeion you will receive a CQI/IRCA Approved Certificate . You will also receive certification issued by TCB as an IACET USA Accredited Provider with 4.0 IACET CEU for global recognition .

About Course-

This course equips the professional with the knowledge & skills required to plan perform and report an OH&S management system audit against the ISO 45001:2018 standard in accordance with ISO 19011:2018.
The course CQI/IRCA Approved course is delivered as standard 5 days-40 Hours , 5 Weekends-40 Hours , 9 days customized (40 Hours) and Comes with IRCA Approved Certificate and 4.0 IACET CEU, granted by TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC as an IACET USA Accredited provider as per ANSI IACET 1:2018.
Now available in Virtually instructor Lead Training mode for Convenience and safety – for a spectacular experience of an engaging virtual learning including an Online Proctored Examination using a state of art software from anywhere in the world.

Course Objectives-

This course is aimed at professional who wants to

  •  Develop competence in OH&S Management system audit,
  •  Lead certification audits on behalf of certification bodies.


The CQI/IRCA , UK is a professional body with Royal Charter with a foot print over 100 Countries in the world. For more than 100 years, CQI has been championing organisational excellence by setting professional standards for quality management in the UK and globally.
Please visit IRCA Website for more information.


IACET Accreditation is considered to be the most prestigious recognition in USA which is undertaken as per most stringent and rigorous process as per ANSI/IACET 1:2018- the US standard for Continued Education and Training. This gives IACET accreditation a global recognition of highest order. TCB is an IACET Accredited provider and accredited to design and develop course, administer training and award IACET Continued Education Unit(CEU) which is recognized in USA for maintaining professional recognition and status in the relevant field.
Please refer List of IACET Accredited Providers and Who Recognizes IACET Accreditation.

Qualification & Experience

This course is aimed at professional who wants to

  • Develop competence in OH&S management system audit
  • Lead certification audits on behalf of certification bodies or
  • Develop management systems in organizations as consultant.
    For Building career of OH&S auditor the interested participants needs to have at least high school level qualification with 4 years experience. A graduate with minimum 3 years of sector specific experience.

Prior Knowledge Requirements

  • Participants shall have knowledge of PDCA model, Process approach to auditing ,
  •  Purpose and benefit of ISO 45001:2018 standard, and
  •  Familiarity with the requirement of ISO 45001:2018 standard

These areas of knowledge can be gained by attending an ISO 45001:2018 foundation course offered by TCB online

Main Features

  • Course Introduction
  •  ISO 45001:2018 Standard overview
  •  Workshop Conformity Assessment
  •  Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. Workshop.
  •  Workshop Adequacy Audit for OH&S MS Documentation (Stage 1) as per ISO 19011 and ISO 17021
  •  Audit Check list. Workshop.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Auditors
  • Introduction to audit-Process Approach Audit
  •  Workshop- Audit Plan
  •  Onsite Simulated Certification Audit (Stage 2) as per ISO 19011 and ISO 17021
  •  Certification and Accreditation process
  •  Written Examination

What is target audience?

  • Professionals aspiring to develop career as an Assessor of OH&S MS.
  • Top level management personnel.
  • Operation Managers
  • OH&S Engineers.
  • Management Representatives of Internal audit team who establish, implement & maintain OH&S MS in their organizations.

Our Accreditation Certificate

CQI/IRCA Approval

Certificates and Badges You Achieve

Digital Certificate

Course Introduction

ISO 45001:2018 Standard overview

Workshop Conformity Assessment


Hazard Identification
Risk Assessment

Workshop Adequacy Audit for OH&S MS Documentation (Stage 1) as per ISO 19011 and ISO 17021


Audit Check list

Develop competence in OH&S Management system audit

Lead certification audits on behalf of certification bodies

Roles and Responsibilities of Auditors




Audit Plan

Onsite Simulated Certification Audit (Stage 2)


Accreditation process

Written Examination

Yes, you will get a full refund as per the TCB cancellation policy, if canceled 2 weeks before the course
If the course is cancelled by TCB, then you get total refund.
Yes, your personal information remains safe and secure in compliance with our Privacy protection policy and GDPR
The certificate shall be issued by TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC as a CQI/IRCA Approved Training Partner. TCB shall also award a certificate and digital badge with IACET Accredited CEU as an Accredited Provider.
For CQI/IRCA Registration the certificate remains valid for 5 years.
CQI/IRCA publishes renewal criteria typically you need to attend a transition course that is approved by CQI/IRCA. Please contact TCB for renewal .write to
Yes. Both the mode of training are approved by CQI/IRCA. The learning outcome remains consistent based on CQI/IRCA certification scheme. There is no difference in the certifications for Virtual , in-person as well as Blended courses
He /she will get a Certificate of Attendance. A certificate of attendance is not acceptable to CQI/IRCA for granting registration. The delegates can write a retest exam within 1 year using a different Questions assigned by TCB
The exams are conducted in two methods, Paper Based examination is conducted for an in-person class. For virtual live training, TCB uses an online exam platform Class Marker. The online exams are proctored virtually live during the entire duration of the examination.
All answers are Descriptive type. there are 4 sections. short answer, descriptive, and case for Conformity assessment. in each section minimum qualifying score shall be 50% and an average of 70% covering all the four sections
Yes, you will be given 30 min extra time If your first language is not English and you write the examination in the English language.
He /she may be given an extra time of 30 min based on a reasonable adjustments process as allowed by TCB accreditation authority. The reasonable adjustment shall be requested in advance with the doctor's prescription or an advice
TCB tutoring team will inform and familiarize you with the examination process and marking guides during the course. You will be given a chance to write a mock examination as per CQI/IRCA guidelines using a sample question paper. You will be familiarized with Classmarker based online examination before the final examination is conducted
Good internet connection, Laptop/Desktop with the camera. A quiet noise-free comfortable place /work station is highly recommended.
The Exam will automatically end and be submitted after time gets over in the virtual examination.All the answers will be saved automatically and you will receive a notification
You have to contact the Training and service Administrator of TCB immediately You can continue the examination if there is no power failure at your end and the connection will be re-established using emergency power backup
You will get an email from TCB once your marking is completed by two independent marker .
Typically the certificates are issued within 10 working days of the examination and no later than 15 working days
You can collect it from TCB office or It can be sent by registered post at your address, For Virtual courses, the hard copies are couriered based on the exact fees to be paid by the delegates.Digital certificates are issued within 10-15 working days
You may write an e-mail to with a copy to

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Enrolled: 36 students
Duration: 40 hours
Lectures: 7
Level: Professional