Certificated Quality Verification Professionals CQVP-Part 1( Welding and Inspection)-Examination

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Welding Inspection
This 35 hours course has been designed to provide foundational knowledge in Welding, Symbols, Joint Design, WPS, PQR, Material testing, and Associated NDT. Upon completion of this part you will appear for an examination and practical assessment which will fulfill the first part of CQVP course and achieve TCB Certified Welding Inspector qualification .TCB issues this certificate as an IACET accredited Provider with IACET CEU 3.5 . This course is identical and equivalent to CQVP Part 1 (Welding. and Testing) .
The Learners need to be in the satisfactory physical condition and the eyesight are adequate for carrying out their assigned task.. An eyesight test certificate must be submitted with the application form issued by a medically recognised person, with proof of near visual acuity unaided, uncorrected or corrected in at least one eye, such that the candidate is capable of reading Times Roman N5 fonts or Jaeger Number 1 fonts or equivalent sized letters. These letters shall have a height of 1.6 mm at a distance of not less than 30 cm with one or both eyes on a standard reading test chart.

Why this course is recommended for Inspection personnel?
Part 1 Certificated Quality Verification Professional (CQVP) course includes Welding, NDT and Testing The CQVP Part 1 (Welding and Testing) course comes with 3.5 IACET CEU granted by TCB as an IACET USA accredited provider and awarding body as per ASNI/IACET 1:2018 which considered to be a US standard for Continued Education and Training.
Please refer List of IACET Accredited Providers , and Organizations and Clients Who Recognize IACET CEU. 

Examination Process 

All the learning areas shall have to be covered . There will be objective Type Questions. The Exam Taker can refer the standards  when provided by TCB. 

Upon Signing up and registering on line, the Learners are requested to pay the fees and write their exam as per  the Exam Calendar, Exams are held on every Sunday and Friday as per the following time line: 

  •  AST (/Kuwait/KSA) 08.30 am-12.00 Noon .
  •  IST : 11 am-2.30 PM
  • NZ : 5.30 PM-09.30 PM
  • UK: 06.30 am-10.30 am 
You will receive a Zoom Link with a password. The examination will be proctored online. 
You will have to select a Calm and Quiet Place for undisturbed 2.30 -4.00 Hours as per the allowed  duration of the exam
You will need a web camera. ideally a Desktop or Laptop  with no second screen 
Your identity shall be verified with your Govt issues National ID (e.g. Driving License, Civil ID, Passport, Aadhar or Pan Card, etc.)
A picture will be taken by the invigilator  and preserved for record purposes to prevent impersonation risk as required by the accreditation body and TCB procedure
You will receive an Exam link as well as a Password, You have to write your name and email address as per the photo ID

The Exam link will be automatically closed and submitted upon the expiry of the time. The answers will be automatically saved.

Just in case of a power failure or disruption of the internet, you should be able to log in back. The software shall automatically count the time  

It would help if you remained full-time on the web camera and the microphone shall remain “ON”.

In case of any procedural clarification you can write in chat box to the invigilator. 

You can go back and forth on the exam paper but have to write the exam in one seating without any break other than the scheduled break (if any). You may bookmark a question and move to the next question with a small “?” mark to revisit it again

Your question paper will be marked by the computer software “Class Marker” therefore free from any potential marking error however in case of any reason, you can appeal to TCB for any unsatisfactory condition and TCB shall promptly respond  to  your grievance within 30 days latest for any complaint and any criticism 

You will receive your certificate instantly once you have scored the minimum pass mark.

You will receive Accredited Certificates and Digital Badges with IACET CEUs issued by TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC as an IACET USA Accredited Provider. 

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request a Password to tsa@tr-cbl.com. Once you confirm the exam and take an appointment for the examination, you will receive the password online when the proctored examination will be conducted.

You have to produce and email a Govt issued Photo ID to confirm your identity positively 

Main Features

  • Learn Welding and Testing
  •  Introduction to Welding
  • Welding, Process. SMAW(MMAW), GTAW(TIG), SAW, GMAW(MIG)
  • Welding Symbols and Joint Preparation.
  • Electrodes and Manufacturing process
  • Welding Procedures Specification, Welders Qualification test and Certification.
  • Inspection of Weld. Theory and Practice on Pipes, Plate
  • Basics of Material Testing
  • Quality Control and Assurance in Welding and Fabrication
  • Fundamentals of Basic Nondestructive Testing
  • Inspection of welding -Practical, Inspection Requirement and Practical.
  • Written Examination


What is target audience?

Eligibility Requirement:

Engineering Graduates in Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Technical Diplomas or Science Graduates (with Physics or Mathematics). Students should be preferably at least diploma holders. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or any discipline with or without hands on experience is highly preferred. 1 year of work experience or exposure to projects, vocational training in the field of Welding and Fabrication, etc is highly recommended and preferred.
Must have good knowledge of English language with command in written and verbal communication skills as the medium of course and examination is English.

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Enrolled: 35 students
Duration: 3.5 hours
Level: Practitioner