Assessing and Managing Projects (ISO 10006:2017)

Learn the Science and Art of Managing Projects. TCB developed its unique Project Management
and Auditor program based on ISO 10006:2017 to help integration of Project Management processes with ISO 9001 standard. Measure and Monitor performance of project the ISO Way, The independently administered examination is based on total 100 marks including objective  the descriptive and analytical question to test your competency in 3 hours.

About Course-

Project Management & Auditing course is developed by TCB Cert. Worldwide, To cater to the needs of Project Management professionals, TCB Cert Worldwide LLC has developed this program based on ISO 10006:2017 standard encompassing the knowledge areas of PMBOK-the project Management Body of Knowledge. This is one the most interesting program for professionals managing projects. We consider this to be the most Valuable Career Development Program for project managing Professionals!

This course

Equips delegates with knowledge of ISO 10006:2003 and PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

Develops skills to apply project management tools such as PERT, CPM, and MS project software. Identify risks in projects and manage these risks. Develops skills required to audit management systems in accordance with ISO 19011 standard-how to plan, perform and report audits for projects TCB delivers this program by IRCA registered Auditors, with extensive experience in Projects management, Management system auditing, and management system auditor training.

Course Details-

Project management Audit Course Content

  •  Project Management Frame work
  •  Project Management Process Groups
  •  Project Integration management
  •  Project Scope Management
  •  Project Time Management. PERT &CPM
  •  Project Cost Management
  •  Project Quality Management
  •  Project Human Resource Management
  •  Project Communication Management
  •  Project Procurement Management
  •  Project Risk Management
  •  Overview of Project Safety Management
  •  Overview of ISO 10006:2017 standard
  •  Quality Management Principles
  •  Audit as a tool for Project management
  •  Use of software as a project Management Tool. Microsoft Project
  •  Structure and Content of ISO 10006:2017
  •  Correspondence with ISO 9001:2008 Standard
  •  Project Audits Process based on ISO 19011
  •  Planning for Audit.
  •  Tutor guided Discussion & Workshop
  •  Performing a Project Audit: Tutor guided Discussion Workshop-Simulated Audit
  •  Reporting and Follow up: Tutor guided Discussion & Workshop
  •  Examination: 3 Hours – Objective, Short explanatory, Project Case/Situation Analysis,
    Project Manager/Auditors Role

Eligibility Requirement:

Students shall preferably be at least diploma holders. Bachelors degree in Engineering or any discipline with or without hands-on experience is highly preferred. 1-year work experience or exposure to the project, vocational training, etc is highly recommended and preferred.
Personnel with High School Diploma, Higher secondary education, existing Quality Management and other management system auditors with 4 years of exposure to project management and construction can join this course.
Must have good knowledge of English language with command in written and verbal communication skills as the medium of course and examination are English.

 Main Features

  •  Understand the purpose of the Quality Management System, the content, and inter-relationship of ISO 9000, ISO 9001, and application of 7 Quality Management Principles.
  •  Correctly interpret the ISO 10006:2017 requirements and the assessment requirements.
  •  Understand and apply knowledge areas of PMBOK
  •  Correspondence between PMBOK and ISO 10006:2017
  •  How to plan, prepare, perform and report Project management audits including the ability to collect and analyze evidence, exercise objectively, and make decisions on the significance of observation made following relevant audit criteria.
  •  Develop skills and expertise for Value-added auditing to ensure the organization reaps the
    the benefit of the application of Project management tools such as PERT, CPM, MS Project and to critically analyze whether the organization’s goals are being achieved.
  •  By the end of the course, participants will have in-depth knowledge of ISO 10006:2017.
    PMBOK and Auditing Techniques and would develop skills to manage projects
    The standard of training and certification meets the highest degree of professional standard to achieve objectives of learning. TCB Cert. Certified personnel are ready to deliver results meeting best industry standards


What is the target audience?

Project Directors, Manager of Projects, Project Managers, construction managers, Quality Auditing personnel

Our Accreditations  Certificates

IACET Certificate

Project Management Frame work
Project Management Process Groups
Project Integration management
Project Scope Management
Audit as a tool for Project management
Structure and Content of ISO 10006 :2017
Tutor guided Discussion & Workshop

Project Time Management


Project managements

Project Quality Management
Project Human Resource Management
Project Communication Management
Overview of ISO 10006:2003 standard

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