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You Have it in you- Just need a bit of a finishing touch .Enter Professional World-With Confidence

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More than 700000 Engineers gets degree every year in India a  statistics say not even 7% are employable and most work in different field from what they studied . Only 2-3% from premier universities get well placed. What about rest? You studied for 4 years and your institution definitely has created a great foundation. But It would possibly be generic and wide in scope however Industries need specific competence.

Did you know there is a huge gap and industry is really looking for you with specific competence ?

This is where we come in. Short cuts and mediocrity won’t work-you need serious hands on industry oriented courses. Our training  on Quality, OH&S,  environmental management, Energy Management , Hospitality Excellence, Business Continuity and in the field of Welding , Takans Pressure Vessels, Pipes, Valves, Cranes , would make you ready .Lets talk

Our Training and Certifications typically takes 40-80 Hours! and this is what you Need!

Summer courses are a great way to gain qualifications and academic credits in a convenient format. Offered during the summer months while some working professionals and students are taking a break, online summer courses fit nicely into a busy schedule. The web-based study format opens doors to studying at a university that is geographically distant, or at times that are most convenient for each individual student

Unordered & Ordered Lists

  • Our Lead Auditor Trainings takes only 40 Hours Plus Priors learning .
  • We offer training for you to join from any where in the world-Virtually Live
  • We believe you learn best when you engage with our tutors and do it yourself.
  1. Take our accredited courses for global acceptance
  2. Online certificate programs are more flexible and Cost effective
  3. You can find online certificates in a wide variety of Courses

Studies are designed for students whose scheduling commitments would otherwise make it difficult to enroll in a full-time higher education program. Offered for individual courses, diplomas, certification programs online studies are a valuable option.


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