Corporate Objectives

  • To create a Customer focussed organization and stay ahead by offering highest degree of competent services.
  • Add Value to our Customers in everything we do.
  • Assist clients to develop management systems to enhance Quality, Safety and Environmental performance.
  • Committed to ensure compliance to all statutory and regulatory requirement applicable in our business.
  • Create confidence in Customer for the product and personnel certified by TCB.

Our Values

  • Remain independent and impartial when we certify.
  • Honor local cultural and social expectations.
  • We consider our people and associates to be the most important and valuable asset in order to offer reliable services in a cost effective manner.
  • Maintain highest degree of professional standards and business ethics.
  • We remain positive when we compete with our Counterparts.We will compete on strengths.
  • Maintain highest degree of confidentiality of personal and organizational information that we gain access to during the course of our business.

Our Quality Pledge

  • Maintain highest degree of  quality in service-with Zero tolerance to deviation.
  • Create a brand that is regarded  as the best in class in terms of quality of service
  • Give our best to develop your capability to help you succeed in professional career
  • We will strive for exellence to ensure you get a delightful and never before learning Experience.
  • Use most qualified trainers with passion to teach-so that you gain from our expertise 
  • Regardless of our physical size and geographical spread, wherever we are present , we will endeavour to be the best in our range of services so that you can be proud of being trained by us.
Our Approvals