An ideal combo to get the best of the both world, ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 9001:2015 to get a great insight of the requirements-ensuring smooth transition and certifcation audit.

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This course is a combination of ISO 9001:2008 Auditor/Lead Auditor course and ISO 9001:2015 Transition Auditor Course

These two training courses have been designed & developed as per CQI/IRCA criteria and approved by CQI/ IRCA . TCB presents this training as a CQI/IRCA Approved Training Partner.
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This course is a combination of ISO 9001:2008 Auditor/Lead Auditor course and ISO 9001:2015 Transition Auditor Course

IRCA certified ISO 9001:2008 Course

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training equips the professional with the knowledge & skills required to develop & conduct a quality management system audit against the ISO 9001:2008 standard in accordance with ISO 19011.

The course is certified by CQI/IRCA  & is delivered as standard 5 days program(A17751) , 6 or 7 days customized (A17552).

Upon Completion of this course you may join 2 days ISO 9001:2015 Transition auditor course

Course Objectives:

This course is aimed at professional who wants to

  • Develop competence in quality management system audit as per ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015
  • Lead certification audits on behalf of certification bodies
  • Develop quality management systems in organizations as consultant.

Who can attend this course:

  • Anyone who wants to develop his/her career as an auditor/lead auditor in QMS.
  • Top level management personnels.
  • Managers
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Engineers.
  • Management Representatives of Internal audit team who  establish, implement & maintain QMS in their organizations.
  • Service professionals.of any field.


Course Details


  • Course introduction
  • ISO 9001:2008 Standard overview
  • Workshop Conformity Assessment
  • Workshop Adequacy Audit for QMS Documentation (Stage 1) as per ISO 19011 and ISO 17021
  • Audit Check list. Workshop.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Auditors
  • Introduction to audit-Process Approach Audit
  • Workshop- Audit Plan
  • Onsite Simulated Certification Audit (Stage 2) as per ISO 19011 and ISO 17021
  • Certification and Accreditation process
  • IRCA registration Process
  • Written Examination using IRCA Question paper

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QMS LA ISO 9001:2008+Transition Auditor ISO 9001:2015

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