Making a Complaint or Criticism

Transperency and Fairness are tow vital elements of certification process, To this end, TCB hs developed the following policies for public interest. Any Participants or interested parties can raise complaints or criticisms due to any reason which TCB shall handle in prompt manner. TCB has an appeal committee headed by a chairman who has executive authority to initiate a process of investigation independently and advise TCB management on the findings which shall be communicated to the complainant

a) Communication shall be directed to the managing Director TCB (at with copy to Chairman Appeal Committee (

b) The results of investigations shall be communicated within latest 6 week

c) The complaint has right to refer the complaint/criticism to TCB's approval authority and Certification body such as IRCA and NQA if no response is received within 6 week from the date of complaint

d) We request the complainant to give clear description of events and reasons for their criticism or complaint with pertinent details .


a. Appeal committee shall Review and resolve any issues pertaining to appeals on decision of TCB Cert’s Training certification process and any reasons for complaints and appeal by any of the participants.

b. TCB Cert shall inform all students of their right to make a complaint or an appeal and shall provide them with written details of the process for doing so, on request.

c. In the case of a complaint or appeal, TCB Cert, shall notify each complainant or appellant in writing of the result of the complaint or appeal and of the right to appeal against the result to IRCA. This is communicated during course administration process.

d. All appeals shall be investigated by the appeals committee. Appeals committee comprises of Chairman , CSD and the CSM as required to assist in the decision making process.

e. The Tutoring team members involved in the particular Training programs shall not be represented in the appeals committee.

f. CSM shall be making a decision in consultation with the CSD within 6 weeks, unless a longer period is considered essential. Customer/complainant shall be informed of the final results of investigation

g. In case the complaints is due to answer sheet marking and re-review of the results by any participants, the answer sheet shall be reviewed by TCB independent tutors and the decision submitted to the appeal committee member and their recommendation shall be considered final with any more review.

h. Appeals Committee decision shall be binding on all parties. A copy of the committee report shall be sent to the complainant involved within 7 days decision making. No further appeals will be allowed by any parties.

i. A record of appeals/complaint shall be maintained and considered in the management review meeting.

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