CSWIP BGAS Painting Inspector Grade 2

About Course-

CSWIP BGAS Painting Inspector course is fully administered by TWI and organized in Kuwait by TCB as a Candidate Supply Agent of TWI ME. This is one of the most valuable career development course in the world for Painting & Coating Inspection personnel and demanded by the employers, operators in particular Oil & Gas and construction companies.

Course Details

BGAS Paint Inspector Course Covers

  • Corrosion theory
  •  Surface preparation
  •  Surface contaminants and tests
  •  Paint constituents and technology
  •  Solutions and dispersions
  •  Drying and curing properties and performance; specified painting conditions
  •  Cathodic protection
  •  Holiday/pinhole detection
  •  Paint-application methods
  •  Paint/paint film testing
  •  Paint identification, metal coatings
  •  Paint faults
  •  Inspection methods
  •  Specification requirements
  •  Health , safety and working practices.

Main Features

  • Corrosion theory
  • Surface preparation
  • Surface contaminants and tests
  • Paint constituents and technology
  • Solutions and dispersions
  • Drying and curing properties and performance; specified painting conditions


What is the target audience?

Eligibility Requirement:
1. 6 months of working experience in Painting application, Surface preparation and inspection of       Painting and coating is essential.
2.  A valid eyesight certificate from a doctor or an optician showing satisfactory eyesight for near       vision, permitting reading a minimum of Times Roman N4, or equivalent type and size letters,       at not less than 300mm on a standard test chart for near vision, in at least one eye, corrected       or uncorrected.
3.  Candidates for the painting inspector will be required to have had a colour perception                  assessment by the Ishihara 24 plate test or an equivalent.

BGAS Paint Inspector Course Covers

Corrosion theory
Surface preparation
Surface contaminants and tests
Paint constituents and technology
Solutions and dispersions
Drying and curing properties and performance; specified painting conditions
Cathodic protection
Holiday/pinhole detection
Paint-application methods
Paint/paint film testing
Inspection methods
Health , safety and working practices.
Ans: You can write to the online tutor at tutors@tr-cbl.com for any support and clarification during self-study and can get a response within 24 working hours unless there is a local holiday.

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Enrolled: 34 students
Duration: 36 hours
Lectures: 12
Level: Professional