NEBOSH New Open Book Exam Process -a Paradigm Shift

NEBOSH recently has made significant changes in the NEBOSH IGC course structure design and examination process  to cope up with the pace of changing world-to keep its courses relevant and value adding.

Few of the Major Changes are the structure itself, The practical Evaluation process .Students work are now marked and evaluated by NEBOSH examiners directly and most recently  the written  close book examination has been changed to open book.

NEBOSH Examinations and certification process is  fully controlled by NEBOSH while training are offered by Accredited Learning partners. TCB is one of them and is a Bronze Partner

TCB has been one of the few approved organization to invigilate the examination under the supervision and control f its trained and certified invigilators-approved by NEBOSH after completing their training and evaluation. The examination used to be paper based with strictest control of  handling question papers and physical monitoring

There is a paradigm shift  in the process of conducting the examination which is now open book-and  yet needs huge personal commitment to demonstrate understanding and knowledge on the subject.

We provide the following links published by NEBOSH for your review while we are ready to provide additional help.

There are certain risks a body involved in certification of persons needs to consider to ensure highest degree of credibility in the certification process.

Few major concern are Plagiarism (using others work as some ones’s own -copying from others -open source content etc) and Impersonation ( a person writing the examination for someone else in guise ) besides adopting other unfair and unethical means.

Covid 19 posed personal threats to health and Safety of people around the world  and greatly affected the free movement of people and gathering. This has affected the traditional class room based examination using hard copy of printed question book . You now will be allowed to write exam from place of your choice technology shall control integrity and surveillance and supervision. This is a challenge and also opportunity.

NEBOSH has capitalized the threat and odds into an opportunity to conduct exams with open book process .

The open book exam will challenge you to apply your knowledge on Safety . as per New Examination process, You will be presented with a scenario that describes a realistic workplace and situation. You will then be asked to carry out a series of tasks using evidence presented in the scenario as well as the underpinning knowledge you have gained through your studies and revision.

Many learners are asking has NEBOSH examination became easier than before as one can  refer books , write the exam paper and pass-there is no need to memorize !

The answer is “No”. The intent of NEBOSH exam and certification is to assess whether you can apply the knowledge in the industry . Whether you have achieved the desired Learning objectives ? In this process-you will have to  think and act like a safety professional and your answer paper should demonstrate this to qualify. You may refer open source information however write in your own way however need to refer source information if any. This must be your own work  and this will be verified by TCB assigned persons as a NEBOSH Learning Partner. you must comply with NEBOSH Malpractice Policies.

Take advantage of this smart process -join NEBOSH course, gain great knowledge by attending a course from TCB , Write exam at your convenience . Get certified. Develop a robust career in safety

Please follow the Quick links below for important and useful  information :

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New Examination Policy of NEBOSH

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