Why we Chose IACET USA as our Accreditation Body?

Why did we choose IACET, USA for our accreditation? Accreditation is all about credibility, an assurance that the training and certification meets demanding international standards and is valuable and acceptable worldwide. IACET is one of the most respected accreditation body with a history dating back to 1968.

In the world of continuing education and training (CE/T), IACET stands for “best in class”. IACET accreditation is granted based on a rigorous process of assessment based on American National standard ANSI/IACET Standard. For your confidence and trust placed on us by our customers and stake holders we have demonstrated our organization’s commitment to continuing education and training excellence. As an organization, we did not want to get an accreditation that is readily available and easy, just for a fee,  rather , we wanted the most rogouos, toughest and the most principled ones. In the selection of our accreditation bodies this has been our founding policy.This will be reflected from our our accreditation bodes- The CQI/IRCA, UK, NEBOSH, UK  including our membership with EFQM, Brussels. We want TCB name to be associated with the best of the best. This would value to us, our learners and customers and the stake holders, organizations including the larger society.

We would like to have our learners, customers and other participants get the best value from our training events and get the best return on their investment. Our IACET accredited certificates that would be issued to you upon successful completion would assure that you get a certificate that is recognized in the world as the best of the best. In TCB , we measure our success through your success. Please click this link to see who recognizes IACET accreditation in the world.

Our IACET Accredited Provider (AP) status tells the world:

IACET Accreditation strengthens Our CE/T capabilities. IACET  thorough accreditation application process is guided by the ANSI/IACET 1:2013 Standard for continuing education and training and this assures the world that we have adopted the latest best practices in adult learning.

As an organization we intended to get benefit from a comprehensive audit of our organization’s training program by a Commission of professionals from across the United States which would help us in our journey towards continuous improvement and excellence. We would be able to calibrate and benchmark our performance and efficiency of training events with the best possible learning programs in the world.

We would like to elevate our organization into a world-class standard and enter the most elite league of organizations those share commitment to educational rigor, excellence and integrity. We believe IACET accreditation would give us this opportunity and fulfill this corporate objective.

Some of our flagship program going to be offered with IACET accreditation once we accomplish this goal (Audit Scheduled by 3rd week of December 2017) may include but not limited to the following:

1. QMS Manager (QMSM) (Benchmarked with IPC CS and course content) -50 Hours Fully Tutor guided

2. Safety Management System Manager (SMSM) (Benchmarked with IPC CS and course content) – 50 Hours Fully Tutor guided

3. Certificated Quality Verification Professionals (CQVP)-80 Hours Fully Tutor Guided.

4. Assessor for Excellence-Hotel & Hospitality (AS Per AS/NZS3505.3:1994) – 50 Hours Fully Tutor guided

5. Assessing and Managing Projects (As per ISO 10006)

6. ISO 14001:2015 Assessor/Lead Assessor Course (40 Hours fully tutor Guided)

7. Oil&Gas Safety Management System Audit- (40 Hours fully tutor Guided)

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