Occupational Health & Safety Services


Adoption of Occupational Health & Safety Management system as per OHSAS 18001:2007  is the best practice used within the business organization to ensure that employees are in the best physical and mental health during the time spent in the place of work.

As health issues create so many challenges in the working environment such as  employees sickness, absenteeism,  work place hazards and  other health related issues caused due to work. well established OH&S management system demonstrates duty of care by the management and demonstrates visible commitment on the part of the management to prevent accident, incident, ill health and loss of property and life .This brings  good reputation , gives competitive edge over business counterparts and gives customers added confidence. Well established OH&S management system reduces lost time injuries, ensure compliance to statutory regulatory requirements and makes the place of work safer and more healthful

Employers are required to examine their organization thoroughly to make sure that the proper health and safety practices are followed. Regular health & safety assessments include a comfortable work environment.

In some areas business are forced to meet the requirements set to reduce damage that may be caused to environment. It’s the first suggestion make a policy which is based on business rather than that of set of rules within your business. Principles are outlined to guide the organization when the health and safety precautions should be taken.

Common Health & Safety Hazards at Workplace

There is one rule that “prevention is better than cure” also applied in occupational health and safety, work place hazards can cause harm if not controlled for this purpose employers should conduct risk analysis with the help of occupational health & safety professionals to identify the hazard, evaluation of the risk and to identify and prioritize the essential actions toward it.

There are so many risk and different kinds of hazards that  are prresent  at workplace, to avoid this situation a systematic Hazard identification and risk assessment is mandatory with determined controls to bring the risk down to an acceptable level

The workplace hazards are grouped as Physical hazards,Chemical, Biological hazards and Psychosocial. Physical hazards include collision, tripping, falling and electricity.

At work place any kind of hazard  raise the likelihood of occurance  of an incedent or ill health .A combination of this likely hood and severity of incedent gives “Risk”. It will affect the productivity of the employee and the feeling of insecurity also reduces the work efficiency.

To minimize all the safety hazards, the best way is to follow a hierarchy of controls which includes Elimination, Substitution, Egineering control, administrative control. signage, working and use of proper Personal protetion equipment PPE and combination of those as appropriate which includes  safety goggles, helmets, gloves, safety shoes and coveralls. For avoiding health related hazards, a virus free and well ventilated environment is necessary. Clean drinking water, clean and safe kitchen and eating areas, janitorials essential in managing industrial health . Some organizations require medical checkups of the employees on regular basis.

Most accidents are preventable however occurs due to the lack of basic safety measures, OHSAS 18001 standard requires a strong commitment and leadership of the top management towords the health and safety of all the employees.higher set OH&S policy and objective, targets and programs ,  provision of resources, infrastucture, suitable plant and machinery, faciltating internal audit and review of performance, take remidial measures as necessary

Occupational health and safety Auditor Lead Auditor courses covers all the aspects of health and safety as per the specific industries. Youstrongly recommend you to  choose IRCA approved training courses as the course cover all the topics related to occupational health and safety and we also offered customized bespoke courses to suit your organizational needs. Occupational health and safety courses  are given out by our professional trainer having relevant industry experience helps you to enhance your knowledge and skills set necessary to prevent hazards and accidents from occurring, TCB OH&S Auditor /Lead Auditor Course is designed to equip deligates with all knowledge needed to implement and assess suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of OH&S management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007 standard and is approved by IRCA-UK, a Division of Chartered Quality Institute, (CQI-UK) This training program helps delegates to create safer and secured working environments for the employees of the organization.


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