NRI Welfare Society of India Celebrated World Quality Day

The NRI Welfare Society of India celebrated World Quality Day on 24 November 2015 in the India Habitat Center, Delhi. TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC took up the initiative of backing the event with the intent of disseminating the essence of ‘Quality’. TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC is an IRCA UK approved international organization offering Quality Management Trainings, Occupational Health & Safety Training, Environmental Management System Lead Auditor Training and Product Quality Certification services worldwide.

TCB joined hands with the NRI Welfare Society in promoting Quality and working towards “Building India a Quality Nation”, and what better day to do it. Dr. Bhishma Narayan Singh, an ex-governor was the guest-in-chief. A few of eminent dignitaries attending the seminar were Sri Ved Prakash, a senior Congress leader, Mr. Aluwalia, a senior BJP leader, Dr. Mandal, the chairman of Harbhjan Singh & Mandal Diabetes Foundation of India, Mr. Deepak Singh, the convener of NRI Welfare Society and Mr. Gurinder Singh.

Dr. Bhisma Narayan Singh highlighted the importance of ‘Quality’ in building India and defined what Quality truly stands for. Mr. Gurinder Singh highlighted the role of the youth as the torchbearers of progress and that quality education can change the nation. Mr. Deepak Singh spoke of the ‘quality mind’ and good intentions as prerequisites for creativity and prosperity. Mr. Ved Prakash expressed his commitment to motivate people in the right direction towards building a model country. Dr. Mandal emphasized the importance of quality in the field of health care. Dr. Bhisma Narayan Singh, concluded by congratulating TCB and the NRI Welfare Association for organizing such an important event serving to stimulate the growth of the nation.

Mr. M S Ray, the Chairman and Managing Director of TCB Cert. Worldwide, the sole sponsor of the event, delivered the key speech on Building a Quality Nation.

The tone of the program was set on a beautiful note as all the members on the dais and audience sang in harmony the Indian national anthem, Jana Gana Mana. Mr. Ray started off with the golden history of India and its prominence in ancient times as one of the most civilized and advanced nation. He reminded everyone of the glory of the Harappa and Mahenjodaro civilization dating back to 2600 BC and great Nalanda University which had the world’s largest library and produced the best scholars in the world. He spoke of the advanced accelerated learning techniques which were applied back then, maintain an optimal tutor-student ratio of 1:8. He also highlighted the importance and relevance of World Quality day and its history, the role of the CQI and IRCA in promotion of quality worldwide.

He brought to notice India’s upward trajectory after a period of languish with regard to steel-making, automotive advancements and space research, which shows both, India’s prospects and its weaknesses in terms of overall quality perception with focus on product quality and delivery commitment in comparison to standards set by Japan, Germany and China. A clear comparison was drawn with China’s performance and India’s position in the field of quality. He quoted several quality gurus like Dr. Juran, Dr W.E. Deming, J.R.D. Tata and Mahatma Gandhi which lent perspective. It was indeed a well-balanced presentation and very informative. It was more of a talk show where entire audience became actively involved in setting a common objective of building India a quality nation.

The EFQM Business excellence Model was explained, covering the role of enablers, processes as well as results to achieve this objective. At the same time the ISO 18091 model was described on how the government can implement a quality management system. He explained how skillful implementation of quality management systems can bring the true benefits and prosperity to an organization. He added that, “one or two outstanding brands is not enough, we need all the organizations across the nation to be geared up for unshakable commitment to quality and ethics for achieving this goal”. He emphasized our duty to carry the nation forward that we inherited from our predecessor.

Mr. Ray openly appealed to the audience to formally express their commitment towards quality and in the end, all 175 members present took the oath: “I will do everything possible to make india a Quality Nation”. The event truly became a quality movement!

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