TCB Conducted Accelerated Learning Session in Jain Institute for Management studies.

Jain institute for management studies is one of the most leading business schools in Bangalore and in South India. It was an absolute pleasure to have spent some quality time with the Business school teaching faculty of Jain Institute of Management studies Bangalore. Our personal thanks goes to Mr. Dinesh, Director and Mr. Madhavan , a scholar and professor of the business school for organizing this quality event

It was wonderful interactive session on AL, a process to make learning an enjoyable experience by engaging students and participants. AL is a model of teaching in which Learning becomes a pleasurable, natural process through the use of music, art, role-playing and games.

Accelerated Learning can create a foundation for achieving high quality education and can be considered a key process of Quality Management System in an educational institution. This includes understanding of multiple intelligence and devise training techniques and methods to ensure greater understanding and retention of knowledge by participants.

About 45 high profile teaching faculty attended the 3 hours highly interactive session which was a joint journey of learning excellence.

About TCB:

TCB is an organization offering quality management system training and assessment services offers this training as a part of its social commitment to enhance quality in every spheres of business in particular f training and teaching in Educational Institutions.

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