Life Changing 10 days Series is specially developed  program  for developing complete understanding and the skill in the specific subject. The  learners will be immersed in  the learining prcess right from fundamentals all the way to the level of skill that is needed in the inductry for you to deliver results. This training is based on theory and practices combined with a pracatical project .This course is ideally for those having good educational and academic background e.g. fresh graduates with no or very little exposure to industry and practical experience on the subject. 

Participants joining the standard variant of this course is required to have essential prior knowledge which makes the foundation for their continued learning and developing further skill to make them ready for industry. Often the participants lag this prior learning ,  industry experience  and knowledge of the standard affecting the desired level of learning outcome in terms of proficiency and readiness to serve industry.

Keeping this in mind TCB has customized the training with extended training time  to impart and refresh the prior learning of participant with rigorous activities which includes Fundamentals , Vocabularies, Interpretation of the standard . This variant of the course enables the participant to gain thorough  knowledge on the Prior Learning and Industry Exposure and make them ready for industry . Additionally the participants require to undertake a project and demonstrate complete understanding of the subject e.g planning, conducting and reporting an audit of an organization with real system documentation,  the way it is done in a rel life certification audit. For CQVP courses, you will be required to perform inspection of real  products against a standard to assess acceptability or otherwise

Evaluation is performed continuously throughout the training, learners will be provided additional support to any areas that need more emphasis based on their ability to learn.

Final assessment is based on their continued performance and a simulated completed project and written exam administered independently.

Conducted generally as a residential course, the 10 days ( 72 hours) of rigorous learning truly would change your life , make you confident and some one- the industry is looking for !

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