TCB offers Training as the Approved/ Accredited  Training Organization

We have developed outstanding presentations with audio visual for making studies an entertaining experience-.For CQI/IRCA approved courses prior knowledge is an essential requirement. We offer online training at no additional cost for those who join TCB course. The charges are kept at a reasonable level. We refund the fees paid for the course to the candidates joining the QMS Lead Auditor course presented by TCB.

We open our library and host of other resources at our disposal  for group study and mentoring and coaching to overcome weakness at no extra cost and charges because we would like to measure our success thro' the success they achieve and height they grow in professional career. We want our students to be recognized as the best for the training we offer.

For those students from our education center appearing for retest, we give free coaching to an extent possible-therefore there is a higher degree of value creation.

For CQI/IRCA  approved Management system training courses we support them under CQI/IRCA TOR scheme advise them with the formalities and technical guidance also sponsor membership as recognition of their achievement. We consider as an organization we must do this.

TCB is an organization not driven by sole motive for profit. TCB’s mission is to make training affordable with a reasonable profit. Our pricing would be competitive.

We innovate ways to reduce cost and cut down wastage -we then pass on the benefit of cost savings to our participants- our customers.

Outstanding Tutors with Proven Track Record and Worldwide Experience

We engage the best of the tutors who are legendary-committed to give their best. Most of our  trainers have excellent managerial,  corporate management and multi-discipline experience to give training with rich content and examples. You gain from their shared experience of several decades.

TCB trained auditors shall receive 25% discount for CQI/IRCA registration as we work voluntarily for IRCA TOR (training organization Referral) Scheme and would  verify your application for speedy processing.

Meticulous and Uncompromising

Developing your competence in the subject is motto while we train. We do everything possible to make you knowledgeable on the subject and respect expectations. We are committed to ensure that there is no compromise in terms of time spent, topics covered. We engage the best of trainers with passion for tutoring. Our Tutors are selected not only because of their personal competence but also sharing same passion that we have.

TCB Training is Fun:

Seating long and spending 8 hours per day could be torturous unless the program is real Fun and enjoyable . We apply Accelerated Learning to give you a delightful learning experience where you'll learn by interaction and brainstorming . All our case studies are designed based on real-life scenario to make interactions focused and result oriented. Each workshop output and performance is rewarded for individual performance as well as group performance of participants - this may be in the form of simple pleasantries to surprise rewards for demonstrated team playing as well as leadership abilities and quality of presentations and outputs.

Advance Preparatory Programs

We offer preparatory program prior to attending our courses wherever needed to make the foundation ready .We do this by sending electronically transmitted courseware or access to online course and Online Live Program through TCB virtual university-for pure learning. We create a truly educating environment and develop a relationship. We may find weaker candidates and we give additional time and support in the sideline of the program with due consideration to their personal esteem needs.

Flexible payment Options

We try to support economically weaker participants by offering a softer payment term options at almost no extra cost to brilliant and enthusiastic candidates who want to come up in life and giving them a helping hand. We feel happy to be of support to our students .

 Flexible Timing

Keeping due consideration of your demanding work schedule, we have developed flexible  and  Customized training  program  to commence on weekly off days and afternoon session with a shorter period per day yet in full compliance with CQI/IRCA or other approval Authority's norms and our certification schemes to reduce your time away from job.

Our Courses

CQI/IRCA  approved courses

Quality Management Courses

Occupation Health & Safety Courses

Environmental Management System Courses

Technical Training Courses


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