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  • Advanced Management Program for Senior Managers

    Good communication skills, presentation skills in written and verbal communication in English. Good attributes of managers which includes : 

    Punctuality: Be on Time-maintain timing/schedules

    Be Perceptive: Grasp the problem quickly without jumping into conclusion

    Have Flexible outlook:“ Look at things from different point of views –

    Disciplined Approach: Be Logical-Systematic- remains within defined boundaries.

    Persistent:  Maintain planned course of action in spite of any setbacks- Don’t get distracted

    Diplomatic – Remain Tactful as situation demands.

    Ethical – fair, truthful, sincere, honest and discreet;

    Proactive and organized – take initiative with issues –personally organized;

    Logical – makes decisions based on facts and reasoned logic;

    Decisive – expedites decisions methodically;


    Observant – able to identify patterns /exceptions in complex situations;

    Process focused – demonstrate ability to follow a pre-determine method;

    People sensitive – sensitive to and can identify person’s emotional state;

    Adaptable – Can adopt works situation, people copes with change

    Confident– competent to reacts well to variety of challenges,

    Other attributes include but not limited to :

    • Confident

    • Objective

    • Friendly

    • Polite

    • Diplomatic

    • Maturity-Dexterity

    • Constructive;

    • Judicious;

    • Honest


  • Executive Development Program for Aspiring Manager

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  • Marketing Management Fundamentals
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Six Sigma and Lean Management