Dear Mr Ray
Why don't you provide some update and possibly run an awareness program on the upcoming ISO 9001:2015 standard? We need to know what changed and how these changes will affect migration to new standard and how the auditors can perform effectively audits against the new standard objectively.


To a query posted by Mr. Blesson, the following comment has been posted:

Hi Blesson, Thanks for your expression of Interest. We have developed awareness program on ISO 9001:2015 based in Draft International Standard as it stands today. I am going to publish major highlights of the changes included in the DIS.

The structure has changed-it has now 10 sections as against 8 section in ISO 9001:2008

Risk based thinking is a major new requirement.

Documentation has become more flexible, therefore auditors needs more maturity and clear understanding of the intent and requirement of the new standard otherwise the audit can become very subjective.

No need for specific mandatory procedure-focus is on Process, controls and results.

Quality management principle :system approach to management" has been removed and indeed had been included in "process Approach" with interrelated processes.

IRCA will publish transition requirement for auditors .This may include a two days transition course.The auditors need not attend another Lead auditors training.

You may if convenient attend our transition course and awareness program. please send your request to our training service administrator

For more details on ISO 9001:2015 changes read this blog post

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