TCB Achieved ISO 17020 accreditation from GAC an ILAC MRA signatory

What is ILAC MRA?

The ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) provides significant technical underpinning to the calibration, testing, medical testing and inspection results of the accredited conformity assessment bodies and in turn delivers confidence in the acceptance of results.

The ILAC MRA supports the provision of local or national services, such as providing safe food and clean drinking water, providing energy, delivering health and social care or maintaining an unpolluted environment.

How it works?

The ILAC MRA links the existing regional MRAs/MLAs of the Recognised Regional Cooperation Bodies. For the purposes of the ILAC MRA, and based on ILAC’s evaluation and recognition of the regional MRAs/MLAs, ILAC delegates authority to its Recognised Regional Cooperation Bodies for the evaluation, surveillance, re-evaluation and associated decision making relating to the signatory status of the accreditation bodies that are ILAC Full Members (ILAC MRA signatories).

Why choose TCB Knowledge Factory for HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) & Occupational courses?

TCB stands for Training & Certification Bureau – a body for Training and Certification Services for Management System, Products, Projects and Persons. TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC, was established in USA in 2008 with its Middle East Head Quarter based in Kuwait and Indian Region HQ in Kolkata , West Bengal with an aim to provide world class Training, Quality verification and  Certification Services on Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems.

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