World Quality Day 2012 celebration by TCB and QSHE People of the World

QSHE People of The World, A Not for Profit Group of Quality-Safety and Environment Professionals has organized a seminar to promote Quality on the occasion of World Quality Day. Mr. M S Ray, Managing Director of TCB and moderator of QSHE People of the World presented a seminar in FAIPS DPS School on 10.11.2012 in Kuwait on Application of ISO 9001 and Accelerated Learning in Educational Institution which was attended by more than 65 teachers. The theme was how ISO 9000 can help improve quality of education and the institution and Accelerated Learning as a Teaching Process to make learning an enjoyable experience. The Contributions of CQI, IRCA, ASQ ,Quality Gurus, Founder of Accelerated Learning , Multiple Intelligence was part of the discussion.


The Principal of FAIPS DPS Mrs. Anju Dheman, inaugurated the program with a welcoming note emphasising importance of Multiple Intelligence. The program was highly interactive with the teachers joining actively which transformed the program truly into an Accelerated Learning workshop. Mr. Ray acknowledged the significant contribution the teachers make in our lives by shaping the future of our children and thanked the teachers of FAIPS DPS on behalf of all the parents for their continued commitment to do so in the days to come.

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