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Happy New Year-Swear To Care

03 Jan 2018 - M S Ray

Wish all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018



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Happy New Year-Swear To Care

01 Jan 2018 - M S Ray

Dear Patrons

We wish to thank all our Customers who has been kind and placed their trust on us and continued to place orders for inspection of their imported goods sourced worldwide .We thank all our clients who chose us for certification of their management systems.and all the Leareners from our institution who has chosen us and gave referals which made them our brand ambassador-

We gratefull acknowledge your contribution, With your support we stepped in 10th years of our business  and service to you, We wish to be there to serve you in decades to come.

Please download our Calendar 2018 which is dedicated for Environment and Sustainability

We wish all a very happy and Prosperous New Year 2018

Very best wishes and kind regards

M S Ray

From all of us in TCB

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NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

01 Jul 2017 - Saurav

TCB is accredited by NEBOSH UK to offer NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety .Check out upcoming course schedules.

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

29 Apr 2017 - M S Ray

Let us create a Safe and Healthful place of work -for all- as life is precious ! Let us work together to make our homes safer place to live in.

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Save Energy for a Sustainable Future

31 Oct 2016 - M.S.Ray

22 October  is  celebrated  as World Energy Day. The World Energy Day has been initiated by the World Energy Forum and was for the first time commemorated on 22 October 2012. World Energy Day is celebrated internationally and supported by a large number of United Nations member states. 

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Confused whether to take an ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor course or ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor & ISO 9001:2015 Transition Combo?

08 Oct 2016 - M.S.Ray

The most famous and popular standard of the world, ISO 9001:2008 is being replaced with ISO 9001:2015 edition.  ISO 9001:2015 was introduced in September 2015. ISO gives a timeline for the transition to 9001:2015, from its current edition (ISO 9001:2008) to be completed by September 2018. Till such time both the standards remain valid, coexists and remain in force.

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Transition to ISO 9001:2015 made easy

08 Sep 2016 - M.S.Ray

Effective Transition of QMS from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 needs clear understanding of the new standard requirements, particularly what has changed and how these changes can influence your organization and how you would audit the new requirements effectively.

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Occupational health & safety services

03 May 2016 - M S Ray

At work place presence of any kind of hazard whether it is  physical , chemical , biological or socio-psychological  is dangerous and harmful. It may adversely affect the productivity of the employee and the feeling of insecurity also reduces the work efficiency.  

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Guide to Occupational Health & Safety

30 Mar 2016 - M S Ray

OHSAS 18001 audit includes a systematic approach for assessment of OH&S management system whether the system is suitable for the type of organization, adequately designed and implemented as per the standards requirement and effective to achieve organizational goals and objectives and creates a framework for continual improvement. It helps ensure compliance to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, prevention of accidents leading to fire, and other disasters. Audit may include building safety, electric safety, machinery safety, safe use of chemicals and its disposal, ladders, first aid, other office hazards. Auditor has to conduct a comprehensive assessment to find out what are the best practices adopted , and where improvements are necessary.

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OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety

24 Feb 2016

By implementing OHSAS 18001 standard, business organizations can achieve higher level of safety standard, remain in control  by determining Hazards, associated risks and control measures to prevent incident. accident and ill health and remains prepared to respond to emergencies .This brings competitive benefits.  The OHSAS 18001:2007 standard focuses  to conformity of Legal and statutory requirements as well as expectaion of  stakeholders with regards to Occupational Health & Safety in organization. Join TCB's OHSAS 18001:2007 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course approved by IRCA

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ISO 9001:2015 VS ISO 9001:2008

18 Feb 2016 - M S Ray

The recent version of ISO 9001 was  published on September 2015.  There is a long transitional period of three years after the publication of new version for the organization to have transition proess completed. Organization those who are using ISO 9001:2008 must  implement the requirement of the new standard ISO 9001:2015 before September 2018 . During this period both the standards are valid and remain in force. New organization can adopt the new standard , ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 9001:2008 with certification validity till the end of September 2018. We strongly recommend the new applicant organizations  to adopt the new version (2015) of the standard based on 10 element  structure which is very useful for adopting an integrated approach  to have integrated management system  such as EMS 14001:2015 .

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Eight Quality Management Principles

12 Feb 2016

ISO 9001 standard is based on eight quality management principles that can lead and improve any business organization.  ISO 9001 standards adopted by many business organizations worldwide because it controls quality and also improve efficiency.

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Procedure/s or Process/es? What does ISO 9001:2015 require?

08 Feb 2016 - M.S Ray

With the change of time, technological options available today, there is a significant shift on ISO’s approach on ISO 9001 standard . When introduced in 1987, there was tremendous emphasis on documented procedures, all management system elements practically needed procedure, be it Purchasing, Design, Manufacturing and so on.The current version looks more business like, organizations are liberated from documented procedural regime to an era where organizations are free to choose documentation and its stucture m emphasize more on processes and results and controls. assessment and mitigation of risk and alligning Quality objectives with organization's buiness objective.It needs greater engagement of top management and infact removed the position of Management Representative.TCB Considers this as one of the most significant change in the appoach . From our experience we have seen many organizations made MR responsible indeed  offloaded  everything concerning management system besides/his/her normal responsbilibity making it less effective to achive desired intension.There has been a very meaning =ful change in the stucture as per Annex SL which would help and enormously benifit orgaizations to integrate various management sysyem.

However the new standard requires greater degree of maturity and and dexterity and part of the auditor, the greater understanding of the organisational processes is essential to perform it truly value-added audit. Therefore it is very important that the new changes and expectations of ISO 9001:2015 standard is well understood by the auditor, IRCA therefore recommends two days transition auditor course to cover Annex SL as well as the changes made to the new standard including the rationales behind those changes.

Join TCB's  ISO 9001:2015 Transition Auditor course  approved by IRCA. The course developed by TCB includes new changes to cover "knowledge" part as well as workshops and exercises to develope skill to audit the new requirement. Successful completion of this course would meet IRCA requirement for continued registration. Regardless of your IRCA registration, this course is a must to attend for quality management system auditor to effectively audit the new standard ISO 9001:2015


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Benefits of ISO Certification for Your Organization

05 Feb 2016

Let us start our talk with what exactly ISO Certification and why it necessary for your business organization to be ISO Certified. International Organization for Standardization sets some parameters for various products and services through which the quality of product or services could be measured, if it meets the with required parameters and norms set as a standard by ISO, the product and services are given ISO certification, signifying the reliability and quality of it.

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Seminar on Building a Quality Nation

02 Dec 2015 - M.S Ray

TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC, an IRCA UK Approved International Organization celebrated World quality day and conducted a seminar to observe World Quality Month held in India Constitution Club, in New Delhi, India on 21st November 2015.The program was organized by Small and Medium Newspaper Federation of India

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NRI Welfare Society of India celebrated World Quality Day

26 Nov 2015 - M.S.Ray

The NRI Welfare Society of India celebrated World Quality Day on 24 November 2015 in the India Habitat Center, Delhi. TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC took up the initiative of backing the event with the intent of disseminating the essence of 'Quality'. TCB Cert. Worldwide LLC is an IRCA UK approved international organization offering Quality Management Trainings, Occupational Health & Safety Training, Environmental Management System Lead Auditor Training and Product Quality Certification services worldwide.

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Let us embrace iso 9001:2015

10 Nov 2015 - MS Ray

Most awaited  ISO 9001:2015 standard is now published on September 2015. New version fully replace ISO 9001:2008  there are number of minor changes occurs expanding existing requirements. This would be consider to most significant update and also revolutionary.

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World Quality Day – 2015

10 Nov 2015 - MS Ray

An initiative to  float the idea of  'World Quality Day' which the United Nations took up to promote the importance of quality. With the involvement of world quality organizations, every year in the month of November it is celebrated with a particular motto and this year is the twenty fourth anniversary.

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How to prepare a perfect Quality Audit Checklist

21 Sep 2015 - MS RAY

Get to know the answers for these questions   "What is an audit checklist ?  How to prepare a Quality Audit checklist?  What are the drawbacks of an audit checklist & Differentiate a good audit checklist from a bad audit checklist?.

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Confined space standard for construction work by OSHA -Infographic

09 Sep 2015

An Infographic that depicts the differences in the Confined Spaces Standard for Construction by oshacampus.com.

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7 changes in ISO 14001:2015 FDIS that every organization must be aware of

31 Aug 2015 - MS Ray

This article explains :Why ISO 14001 environmental standard is revised ? What are the 7 changes to the environment management standard in FDIS ISO 14001:2015

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Tianjin China Chemical Warehouse Explosion could have been avoided if OHSAS 18001 was in place

26 Aug 2015 - MS Ray

How OHSAS 18001 could have prevented the massive explosion in Tianjin China. What could be the reasons behind this catastrophic accident claiming the lives of innocent people and creating an unsafe environment.

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IF you read one article about ISO 9001:2015 Revision, Read this one !

11 Aug 2015 - MS Ray

This Article explains the ISO 9001:2015 upcoming revisions, and  changes made to ISO 9001:2008 standard and how auditors, lead auditors and  organizations can address the changes in the quality management system while implementation and performing conformity assessment.

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QMS Lead Auditor Training in Delhi, India

20 Jul 2015 - MS Ray

Are you looking out for Lead Auditor Training in New Delhi  ? Mark your calendar from 23 rd to 27 th August,2015, TCB is conducting its QMS Lead Auditor Training Course in New Delhi.The course duration is 40hrs and will be delivered in 5 days.

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TCB Conducted Accelerated Learning Session in Jain Institute for Management studies.

11 Jul 2015 - M S Ray

TCB Conducted an interactive session on Accelerated Learning in Jain Institute for Management studies, Bangaluru, India   A fine understanding of the Quality Management Principles and ISO 9001 standard can help create Exceptional People to manage organizations to produce results and create value . Accelerated Learning is a  process of training which makes learning an enjoyable experience and is essentially a process to improve teaching , learning and overall performance of an educational institution to produce outstanding managers.


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Interaction with Management Students in School Of Management NITA, Tripura, India

23 Jan 2015 - M.S.Ray

It was a great fun for me to have spent some quality time with the final year and first year students of the School of Management, NITA, discussing Quality Management system principle, and ISO 9001 standard as a standard for management.

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ISO 9001:2015

23 Jan 2015 - M.S.Ray

Why don't you provide some update and possibly run an awareness program on the upcoming ISO 9001:2015 standard? We need to know what changed and how these changes will affect migration to new standard and how the auditors can perform effectively audits against the new standard objectively.

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MBBS Studies in Poland -Medical University of GDANSK

20 Nov 2014 - M.S.Ray

MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF GDANSK-POLAND is one of the most prestigious Medical Universities in Europe. The University is the largest medical academic institution in the Northern Poland educating more than 6000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from US, CANADA, UK, Australia ,BRAZIL, CHINA, ISRAEL, UKRAINE, RUSSIA, MIDDLE-EAST, NORWEGIAN, SCANDINAVIAN & OTHER EUROPEAN e.g Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, etc. AND ASIAN COUNTRIES and Far East Vietnam, Taiwan.

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Quality as a Tool for Improvement of Business Performance

20 Feb 2013 - M.S.Ray

TCB sponsored a quality Talk show organized by QSHE People of the world in TCB Hall of Fame in Fahaheel, Kuwait. The key note speaker was Mr Ian Dunlop , a very senior reviewing officer from IRCA , UK visiting TCB Kuwait for the purpose of its QMS LA course witness and periodic audit.

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World Quality Day 2012 celebration by TCB and QSHE People of the World

13 Nov 2012 - M.S.Ray

QSHE People of The World, A Not for Profit Group of Quality-Safety and Environment Professionals has organized a seminar to promote Quality on the occasion of World Quality Day. Mr. M S Ray, Managing Director of TCB and moderator of QSHE People of the World presented a seminar in FAIPS DPS School on 10.11.2012 in Kuwait on Application of ISO 9001 and Accelerated Learning in Educational Institution which was attended by more than 65 teachers.

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How do you see TCB Cert. as an organization ?

10 Sep 2012 - M.S.Ray

We are trying our best to serve you better and add value-Please let us know how are we doing in tour view.

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API Preparatory Course and Examination-Kuwait

06 Aug 2012 - M.S.Ray

Are you looking for API certifications ? TCB offers you the opportunity !

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TCB Registered Students' Reference Materials(QMS LA)

05 Aug 2012 - M.S.Ray

We are delighted that you have chosen TCB as your Training organization for your QMS Lead Auditor Training .We assure you to do everything possible to give you a delightful learning experience.TCB as the IRCA approved organization (A 17551) shall conduct the course (A 17552) and issue certificates which is acceptable to IRCA fully in compliance to IRCA requirement.

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IRCA auditor registration requirements

31 Jul 2012 - M.S.Ray

I found many auditors are interested to register with IRCA and is not aware of the registration process.As a voluntary service provider of IRCA TOR scheme, I feel happy to provide guidance and clarification to prospective applicant . Indeed IRCA approved QMS lead auditor training material requires a section to be included explaining requirements and criteria for registration.

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TCB Blog

29 Feb 2012 - M.S.Ray

TCB Cert. worldwide offers Quality verification services worldwide for certification of various industrial products. TCB acts as a Type A inspection body as per ISO 17020 Standard and does business in a transparent manner to project a truly impartial and independent image. Management System has been certified by NQA-UK covering entire range of services .

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New Blog

29 Feb 2012 - M.S.Ray

TCB Cert. offers Management system and Technical Training in the field of Welding, Painting, Quantititive Risk Analysis and Risk Based Inspection Services . HSE training services organized by TCB include NEBOSH, IOSH (in partnership with CSS Global),

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